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Our Services

Our suite of prepress services for the global publishing industry currently includes the following services, offered at 99.95% accuracy level:

Data Capture:

Key-in text with tags and codes using word processing packages and proofread at our end. Double entry system of quality check is also being done.

Document scanning and OCR:

Jayvee has proven expertise to convert the documents in English, French, German and Latin by scanning and OCR, achieving high level of accuracy.

Page Composition - Quark Xpress and InDesign:

Jayvee has developed conversion software to insert Xpress tags and InDesign tags to the RTF and word processed files. PC and Mac versions of Quark Xpress & InDesign are used for typesetting.


Jayvee is capable of creating Class files for standardized layouts and complex Maths. Jayvee is one of the few typesetting companies in the world having the integrated know-how in Typography, TeX and the related software. Once the Class file is in place, page setting is practically automatic and hence ensure fast turnaround.

XML first work-flow:

Jayvee has the expertise for DTD creation and modification and have an efficient in-house program for converting RTF and WORD files to XML tagged file. The in-house programme converts most of the common non English characters as per W3 Consortium norms for ‘Entities’ to appropriate XML codes.

Open eBook:

Developed a tool to convert e-files to an electronic Book format and Jayvee has the skills to create e-books including DTD, Validation, CSS, access Control Security, Customized Viewer etc.

Jayvee's current capacity for data capture at present is 50,000 kilobytes (approx. 50 million characters) per month. The unit can currently typeset about 5,000–10,000 pages per month, depending on the complexity of the job.